Manicure donna

Wellness Center in Rome

Wellness and Beauty is your new handheld reference point: At our wellness center in Rome, you will be able to enjoy the experience of beauticians and skilled workers who will know what treatments to use to restore beauty to your nails and Your fingers.
The formula of Faby Nature enamel is delicate, respectful of the well-being of the person and of the environment. A precious recipe made with BIO ingredients - Certified vegetable origin, obtained from the processing of Wood Pasta, Cotton, Corn, Manioc and other vegetable raw materials not from oil, without aggressive, toxic or irritating substances added and strictly Cruelty Free. The technology used allows these enamels to be laid in a simple and uniform way, ensuring excellent coverage, long life, bright, vibrant colors and quick drying times.
A unique opportunity not to be missed, to get your hands handled and always original: for any further information, the invitation is to take advantage of the telematic and telephone contacts in the Contacts section.

Price list:

  • Pack of Cheratina € 10,00
  • Classic Manicure € 12,00
  • Enamel exchange with filing € 8,00
  • Monofoasic enamel € 20,00
  • Semi-permanent enamel € 30,00
  • Semi-permanent or single-phase disassembly € 10,00

Exclusive manicure treatments: for information
06 3233970
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