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Beauty Institute in Rome

A few steps away from the center of Rome, in the heart of the Parioli district, the Wellness & Beauty center is born, proposing a new concept of extrasensory wellness where spirit, body, man and nature dialogue aiming at that equilibrium that is just a continuous osmotic relationship. The path of individual purification that genuinely enriches through the rediscovery of sensations, balance, energies, experiences, thus becomes the goal.At the heart of our project is water that combined with ancient rituals by skilled hands and strictly natural products, transforms the chaotic crowding of thoughts in a harmonious dialogue with oneself for the regeneration of the senses.At our center you can choose from a wide range of traditional, holistic and ayurvedic massages and treatments, try the relaxing experience of shiatsu massage or rely on naturopathy disciplines.
From Chilean red seaweeds to those with Dead Sea Salt to effectively combat cellulite, from the old Indian sweat therapy (Swedana) to Californian and Thai massages to respectively detoxify, relax and stimulate vascular activity, from Holistic treatment with Finnish hot stones (Hukka) at the Bach Flower massage to counteract stress. And again, plant reflexology, shiatsu and more. For us, aesthetics are important in the process of extra-sensory well-being, which is why we offer depilation services with natural resins or threading and healing pedicures.
Our strong point in preventing and treating stress remains the innovative Floating Therapy or floating or sensory deprivation therapy, the ultimate frontier of extra-sensory well-being: Experience the unique feeling of floating in the absence of severity and privacy of any sensory stimulus . As suspended between dream and reality, you will float in a space-free space dimension where the state of deep well-being from the body will propagate into the mind.
Be welcome to all those who will share the spirit of the place with us, the strength of the values ​​and the intensity of the emotions.
Yoga room is available shortly.
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